Xbox 260 Live

Along with the release of Xbox 360 came Microsoft’s online gaming service which is the Xbox 360 Live.

This online gaming service had undergone an upgrade thereby shutting it down for 24 hours. Players have two types of subscriptions to choose from, the Silver and Gold subscriptions.

An Xbox Silver subscription is free of charge and offers the same features and SKU of an Xbox. It also allows players to create their own user profile. An Xbox LIVE Gold account has an annual fee of US$ 49.99. Players who go to the Xbox Live enabled profile need to enter their passport account information and the last 4 digits of their credit card numbers for verification purposes and for billing as well.

Xbox Live allows players to maintain their profile account information and friends list when making a shift to the Gold subscription. The major difference between the two subscriptions is that the Silver subscription does not support multi-player gaming and furthermore, the gamertag of a player with a Silver subscription has a silver trim, rather than gold. This creates a distinction among players online.

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